When developing this iPad publication, I wanted to reach viewers who are interested in outrigger and its history. The app takes you through the history and origins of the boat as well as racing, paddles and boat designs.  The app provides informational videos and advertisements that I developed for outrigger products. Outriggers has always been part of different cultures, and with the app is now given a wider accessibility.


Logo, Digital Publication, Commercial


Sophisticated Typography relating back to its origin and duo tone photography


Outriggers  expresses beautiful duo tone imagery and clean sophisticated typography relating back to the origin of the boat. It’s carried throughout a clean user friendly layout that expresses what outrigger is all about.


All of the photography was developed in a duo-tone style to express outriggers sunny natural esthetic.


The commercial’s that appear throughout this app are to advertise products for outrigger racing. These are meant to pull the viewers towards their websites and to buy there products.