As a graphic designer we are stuck working late hours due to short deadlines, so coffee is a necessity for the job to get done. We want it fresh, fast and strong. GOJO has made this possible by developing a speedy service that will deliver coffee right to your location.


Identity, Phone App, Website, Packaging, Advertising surfaces,


Clean simple typography, sleek color palette and photo collage


GOJO’s esthetic has always summed down to Fast, Great, Fresh, so I wanted the design to express a similar esthetic. I decided to keep the logo Typographical because of how powerful the word GOJO relates to what the company is. The main transportation device of the the coffee is by bicycle, So I related the similarity of the circle in the wheel to the lettering in the logo. 


The main frame of GOJO is the user friendly app. This app allows users to create their favorite classic caffeinated beverage and have it delivered to them through GPS tracking. As well as letting users create beverages they are also able to store coffee profiles as well as order biscotti’s from Philadelphia’s historic Terminis Bakery. The app also is great for creating delivery orders for larger corporate meetings and get togethers.


When developing advertising for GOJO it needed to be fun and exciting, but most importantly needed to get across the company’s slogan “GOJO GETS YOU GOING. Each advertisement was meant to be explosive and immediately grab the viewers attention. Once the viewers attention was grasped it lead them to check out www.GOJO.com to learn more about the company and how to download the app.


GOJO’s collateral  is developed through a clean minimalistic style that relates with the rest of its esthetic.


GOJO’s websites main purpose was to pull viewers attention towards the app. Viewers have the ability to learn about the company, see products they can buy and see how you can download the app to get going.



GOJO’S advertising wouldn’t be complete without an exciting commercial that expresses the jolt that you get when you drink GOJO. The commercial was developed through using the collaged illustrations from the app with vector illustrations from the website.